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Hello, my name is James Lewis, I am a Minneapolis based personal trainer who is dedicated to helping my clients transform their bodies. I have 15 years of experience utilizing various nutrition and fitness techniques.

Training Expertise

My philosophy is simple: Motivation is dedication and dedication gets results! Not only am I trainer, but I’m living proof of my philosophy.
Let me help you reach your fitness goals. If you’ve tried other programs or trainers and was unsatisfied with the outcome, I can work with you on a new plan for guaranteed results.

Success is Our Goal

My system is simple, my training is challenging, but my results are real. I will help you every step of the way with a customized plan you can incorporate into your everyday schedule.

  • 8 Sessions
    Los Campeones Location Only
  • Great for beginners, or people who need a reset in their program.
  • 15 Sessions
  • 2 Recovery Sessions
    Customized Nutrition Plan
    Los Campeones Location
    1 months unlimited membership included
  • Great for those who have a foundation and are ready for a more challenging workout.
  • 40 sessions
    3 months meal kits (Lunch/Dinner)
    6 months unlimited membership included
  • Great for people who want a full-proof method for body transformation.
    This is a 3 month rigorous and intense program with rewarding results.

Single sessions only $50